Rick 61 throws a championship BBQ for the West Coast ZRXOA!!!

Twenty five pictures here, let it load and scroll down!

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In the beginning...

Saturday morning started at the Rock Store

We regrouped at the 76 station in Sylmar

We lunched at Newcombs on the Angeles Crest Highway

We lined the Hooligans up for photo-op

And their owners

Saturday night, beer and pizza in the Desert Inn parking lot

Caught again...with FOOD!!!


ZRXOA drawing prizes

Mugging it for the photographer - HA!!!

A Jaguar Mechanic working on a Suzuki.... The ZRXOA welcomes all

The scene of where the action was!!!

Most of the bikes actually ran when we were done

Shirley is good at making friends

Eric gives Denise a thrill

Tammy didn't seem to mind

Shirley lost a bet and is busy paying up

The sheep fondler Himself

All this talent and nowhere to go!

Stuck in a sea of ELR's

Check out the smiles, this was a high speed run

Shirley made new friends and now she wants a bike of her own. Thanks Denise!

Michael's smile is a little too PENETRATING

A great time was had by all... until next year... the ZRXOA ROCKS! Thanks RICK!

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