Road trip to Mexico

Feeling the Power of Baja on the road to Bahia De Los Angeles

Vista point above Bahia De Los Angeles

Dualing cameras

Bahia De Los Angeles

Excellent coffee bar in Rosarito Beach

The Baja 500 would be fun in one of these!

Goat Stew at a road side cafe

A single shoe... I wonder what the back story here is...

Military check points have interesting signs

Pizza delivery via motorcycle; can you say 30 minutes or less?

Look at all the lovely produce

Abi Cruz at Restaurant Baja Fiesta bar. He
was super friendly and provided a complete
tour of his restaurant and farm. FRESH blackberries
and rasberries grown on site!

We found a great family restaurant with a fun Banjo player

Lighthouse above San Felipe

View from the lighthouse

Goat stew at another roadside cafe

Random group of americans at the Taco Factory in San Felipe

Mad Max comes to mind

Jan cutting a rug.....

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