2007 Photo Album

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Our backyard is still taking root!

08/16/2007   Lots of nice pictures of our house; Shirley keeps it so beautiful!

07/04/2007   JULY 4th celebration; what a great party!

06/23/2007   Birthday / Anniversary party; Part 2 - San Francisco bay area, June 2007

06/16/2007   Birthday / Anniversary party; Part 1 - Tustin, June 2007

05/10/2007   Our backyard is finally done!

05/04/2007   Shirley and Annie pose for the camera

04/28/2007   Sterling Men's weekend!

02/24/2007   Grange in Febuary; it warmed up nicely!

02/18/2007   I went to Willow Springs International Raceway to hang out with up and coming racer Paul Economou

01/14/2007   More fun times at Grange; it was COLD!!!

01/01/2007   New Years day at Grange Racetrack

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