2005 Photo Album

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Colin appreciates the fans!

12/11/2005   Yes, even MORE homesite construction pictures!

12/04/2005   More low resolution phone pictures; These are from a dinner party at dad's

11/27/2005   Low resolution phone pictures from Disneyland

11/20/2005   More homesite construction pictures

11/12/2005   Weir family visits Laguna Beach

11/06/2005   Selene and Justin got married

10/09/2005   Weir Family visits the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego

09/11/2005   Dad and I pose for the camera before taking a family outing to our new Tustin field home

09/05/2005   We visited Seattle for Labor Day

07/23/2005   We bought a new construction house. Estimated move in 4/3/2006

06/26/2005   The Metropolitan picnic was a blast. Even the bull had fun!

06/04/2005   The Weir family visits California Adventure

05/04/2005   I started a new job with Metropolitan Home Mortgage!

04/03/2005   Second annual ZRXOA Vegas Rally

03/26/2005   ZRXOA BBQ at Daveman's

UPDATE: January, 2005: The Weir family visits Taipei:
Five pages of pictures:  Page 1     Page 2     Page 3     Page 4     Page 5
Click here for the write up

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