2004 Photo Album

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Taken at the foot of the Eiffel Tower moments before the big proposal!!!

12/04/2004   Long Beach Motorcycle Show!

10/31/2004   Weir Halloween Cruise!

10/17/2004   Willow Spring International Raceway in the winter

07/20/2004   More wedding pictures!

07/05/2004   Angeles Crest ride

06/27/2004   The ZRXOA attacked Buttonwillow

06/20/2004   We enjoyed a wonderful Royal Caribbean cruise

06/16/2004   Belated birthday party at work!

06/15/2004   Countrywide goes to the JUNGLE!!!

06/12/2004   I rode the crest today!

06/05/2004   WEDDING PICTURES!

06/01/2004   Shirley's family visit for our wedding and enjoy the local attractions.

05/30/2004   ZRXOA West Coast BBQ: 2004

05/16/2004   Great ride on the Angeles Crest Highway!

05/02/2004   Shirley's bridal shower, thanks Hilda!

04/11/2004   The ZRXOA visit Las Vegas!!!

03/23/2004   We finally moved in!!!

03/14/2004   Studio wedding pictures!

03/11/2004   Mulholland night ride to the Rock Store

02/15/2004   Shirley visits home... Taipei will never be the same!

02/07/2004   Talk about a blast from the past! I scanned a bunch of old pictures today

01/24/2004   Two surprise proposals in LAS VEGAS!

01/24/2004   We add new pictures from time to time as they build our new home. Move in date is now March 16th

Snapshot from the past: Me railing turn 4 at Willow Springs - 1996

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