2003 Photo Album

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Pizza delivery in Taipei: Nice wheels, huh?

12/13/2003    New house update!!!

12/01/2003    Check out our Christmas tree!!!

11/17/2003   Fun track day put on by GP Motorcycles!

11/16/2003   A wonderful weekend in Palm Springs!

11/02/2003   Chris and Shirley visit PISMO BEACH!

10/25/2003   Scary fire pics from Simi Valley!

10/19/2003   ZRXOA and BUSA club attack Willow Springs!

10/12/2003   Lots of pics from a wonderful week in Taipei!

08/30/2003   Malibu Alps to Beach Cafe

08/16/2003   KTV and dinner or: Henry's birthday party

08/02/2003   High School Reunion: Studio pics to follow!

07/13/2003   Hot sweaty 325 mile ride to Big Bear!

07/06/2003   All day ride for a total of 318 miles!

07/05/2003   Countrywide Dodger day, it was hot but we had fun!

07/03/2003   New mods on my bike Sargent seat and Muzzys exhaust

06/15/2003   Chris and Shirley enjoy a quick weekend trip: Pismo Beach to Lombard street and back

06/07/2003   Southern California ZRXOA'ers enjoy riding the Angeles Forest Highway!

06/06/2003   Dad threw me a fun birthday party!

05/25/2003   RICK 61 throws an EPIC party/BBQ for the ZRXOA!!!!

05/09/2003   My brother Moses' Barmitzvah

05/04/2003   A visit to Sears Point (Infineon raceway) to watch AMA SUPERBIKE RACING!!!

04/12/2003   Uncle Sami and Jeanne get married, OR: She colors inside the lines, he runs with scissors, ....

04/05/2003   Pictures from a quick ride in the Malibu Canyons

03/30/2003   Pictures from a March ZRXOA ride

02/02/2003   Chinese New Year in Vegas baby, yeah!

01/20/2003   Short motorcycle ride write up: Winter in California!

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