Supermotard adventures and crashing

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Supermoto adventures

Tuesday night I loaded up the trailer after work and went to a small track located in Rialto, CA. The airport has been mostly shut down, and except for the occasional helicopter we were the only activity for miles. I pulled into the parking lot and quickly found Dan and Scott; they were the only other people there! I said hello and got about the business of unloading my bike and getting suited up.

The track is a cone and marker affair set up in the parking lot of the shut down Rialto airport. It was dark out and I was concerned there wouldnt be enough light to see what we were doing but I didnt need to worry, those flood lights do a good job of simulating daylight! Im new to Super Motard bikes and Im still trying to figure out my riding style. In the first session I rode around staying over the bike and putting my foot out. I have little recent dirtbike experience and this style was not confidence inspiring at all. The second time out I tried feet up, but was staying over the bike. Then, I rode Scotts xr100. Hes set the thing up for roadracing but its got a DRUM brake; talk about Fred Flintstone style stopping power!

Riding Scotts bike provided a breakthrough for me. I had to hang off the bike and use full roadracing riding style to carry any speed at all. I loved that mini and may be in the market for something along those lines but thats another story. Anyway, after I rode Scotts mini I got back on my KTM and it was on. Where I was sitting on top of the bike before, now I was shifting my weight and getting low, putting my knee down, and carrying WAYY more cornering speed. The bike was working well; only spinning the tire up when exiting the last corner onto the front straight. Traction was great at Rialto so I continued my front tire traction experiment.

It was about 10:30 and I was pushing really hard. I heavily plowed the front in the slowest part of the track. The bars went to complete opposite lock and I was crashing. Then, either by accident or instinct I rapped the throttle on and did a wheelie while the bike was leaned over and the bars were crossed up. This was great as I was able to straighten the bike up and continue unscathed. As I rode away from that incident I was dazed; you see in my mind I had already crashed when I did the magical wheelie! Scott was taking a break and sitting on the wall watching and he was clapping and laughing with me when I pulled in. He saw the whole thing and I was happy to have a witness!

I will be riding the ZRX at Willow Springs this Monday but Im looking forward to the next time I get to ride my MOTARD!

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