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My idol. Last time I saw Kevin Schwantz at Laguna was 1987!

The OC MOTO Fun Bus crew arrive at Cannary row in Montery.

A vintage picture of me racing with the AMA at Laguna Seca: Turn 2

The OC Moto Fun Bus crew underway

Does Jim Allen age?

"Good morning; let's go for a ride!"

I have owned my ZRX just over 10 years now, and she still takes me to unbelievable places!

The OC MOTO Fun Bus Crew at the lookout on Highway 9 just west of highway 35 (Skyline)

Parked at La Honda and Pescadero

Lunch on the Santa Cruz pier

View of the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk!

Sort of speaks for itself, don't you think?

The Laguna Seca girls were a sight for sore eyes!

Chris Weir standing on track at Laguna Seca between turns 3 and 4

Nicky Hayden on the Ducati

Every great trip must come to an end

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