OC MOTO attacks the streets of Willow June 20, 2008

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Great day! It was crazy hot but I think everyone had a good time.

Jen was beside herself "this is so fun! I don't even want to ride the canyons any more" by noon.

Another rider had a rear tire blow out !!! but didn't crash, YAY!

Phil let me ride his CBR which was really fun. I have no idea how you guys ride these bikes on the street, the ergonomics are brutal, but they are superfun on the track!

I was faster than I expected on my KTM 450 SMR turning in a best lap time of 132:8. I had a great time but was on the edge of heat stroke when I finally hit the road with the A/C cranking!

This one is my favorite:

Phil, thanks for the ride on your CBR!!!

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