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Sporting my vintage 1992 leathers at Autoclub Speedway May 25, 2012
They looked better when I had them made all those years ago!

Vintage 1992 leathers in action at Autoclub Speedway May 25, 2012

2013 Photo album

06/17/2013   Laguna Seca June 2013

2012 Photo album

06/05/2012   Week long Road Trip to Mexico

05/25/2012   Perfect weather at Autoclub Speedway with Fastrack Riders

2011 Photo album

06/26/2011   AWESOME double header with TrackXperience

2010 Photo album

10/03/2010   Bike Night Launch Coming soon!

06/08/2010   Fun track day at Laguna Seca

04/25/2010   OCMOTO BBQ and Poker run!

04/12/2010   CHUCKWALLA FTW! Fun times at a brand new track with TrackXperience and

04/08/2010   Bike Night at Original Mike's

04/03/2010   Ken Pfister kicks ass at WERA in Las Vegas

03/27/2010   Fun ride to Julian and Borrego Springs

01/09/2010   WEIRbq

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My 2006 Gemini Racing built GSXR1000 out of turn 11 at Laguna Seca; SO FUN!

Fun times on a Jordan team bike. This was taken when my friend Dan still owned it.
I bought it and painted it in the OCMOTO scheme you can see above.

My old BMW